The Value of Human Capital in the increasingly technology-dependent legal industry

The more things change, in some way, the more things seem to stay the same. One of the constants in my ongoing education as a marketer in the legal industry is the sage advice of Ed Poll’s LawBizBlog. A recent post of Ed’s tackles the perennial subject of technology’s impact on labor markets. Specifically, as […]

How to create the Ultimate Mission Statement for your business (or jazz up your existing one)

Mission statements are like press releases—there are established writing conventions that apply. If you don’t nail the format just right, it will stick out like a sore thumb, and all your hard work will be for naught.* Whether you are CEO or president, in marketing, or were drafted to your company’s official Mission Statement Committee, […]

Lessons learned from the Navy SEALs on what “resilience” really means for the built environment

A short while back, I had a chance to meet an extraordinary young man named Brandon Andrews. As he was transitioning out of the Navy SEALs, he launched a new company called Trident CM LLC, with the brilliant idea to recruit former SEALs to provide construction quality management on DOD projects. In the built environment, […]

San Diego: With a shortage of housing, why is it so hard to get a housing project going?

My colleague Alan Nevin provides a much-needed clarity to understanding the development challenges in San Diego in this piece, which originally appeared in the Daily Transcript. There is a study yet to be published that found that up to 39% of the cost of a residential housing unit in the San Diego region is strictly […]

What is the best business model for consultants in 2015?

The folks at Source for Consulting have been publishing insight on the consulting industry since 2007. Unlike a lot of firms that focus on the industry, Source for Consulting insists on a global perspective. Fiona Czerniawska, co-founder of Source for Consulting, discusses research on business models in a recent post: Our research last year suggested […]

A New Focus on Water: New Mexico’s Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)

This is a press release from Mike Collignon, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Green Builder Coalition. As Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Green BuilderĀ® Coalition, Mike engages in national and state-level advocacy, co-produces quarterly research reports, and publishes both a bi-monthly e-newsletter and a monthly feature in Green BuilderĀ® Magazine. The Green BuilderĀ® Coalition, in […]

Documentary showcases the world’s oldest family-run business still operating – a 1,300 year-old hotel in Japan

Way back in the year 718, an entrepreneur named Houshi or Hoshi (depending on who is translating), opened an inn on the site of a natural hot spring in the Awazu region of central Japan. 46 generations later, the Hoshi Ryokan hotel has remained operated by the same family, making it the oldest family-run business […]