Documentary showcases the world’s oldest family-run business still operating – a 1,300 year-old hotel in Japan

Way back in the year 718, an entrepreneur named Houshi or Hoshi (depending on who is translating), opened an inn on the site of a natural hot spring in the Awazu region of central Japan. 46 generations later, the Hoshi Ryokan hotel has remained operated by the same family, making it the oldest family-run business […]

Sustainable Donuts: New internal green building certification program for Dunkin’ Donuts endorsed by UL

After my heart attack about two years ago, I have tried to limit my donut intake (instead of once a week, now it is more like once a month). Who would’ve ever thought that donuts could be so sustainable? The corporate overlords at Dunkin’ Donuts have taken an interesting path to improving the sustainability of […]

Research shows that unemployment is less detrimental to mental health than having a bad job

When I found myself unemployed, I was understandably quite stressed, with a wife and three kids to support, no savings and no credit cards. But even in my darkest hours, I was still grateful to have moved on. Things have definitely improved for my own mental health now that I have found my dream job, […]

Hipsters passing the bar may lead to uptick in “artisanal lawyering”

So this is satire, just to be clear… John Frank Weaver, writing for the always hilarious McSweeney’s, offers a wonderfully hand-crafted glimpse into the imaginary life of an Artisanal Attorney. Weaver opens his piece with the question, “Are you tired of large corporate law firms making the same cookie cutter litigation?” (I know that I […]

Do energy efficient building practices result in better feedback loops and better workmanship?

My wife and I have been lucky to have three kids that (so far) haven’t ever played with fire, or knives, or consumed dangerous cleaning supplies, or anything like that. It didn’t take burning down the house, stitches, or stomach pumping to teach each of them the danger inherent with certain things—a quick touch to […]

Bill Gates reflects on the materials that make modern life possible, and their impact

Bill Gates is obviously a really smart dude, and his personal wealth is well documented. But ever since he left active duty at Microsoft, shifting his focus to what I would call entrepreneurial philanthropy through the foundation he and his wife lead, Gates has become a real inspiration for me. One of my favorite characteristics […]

Growth in demand for Consulting demonstrated in stock price of publicly traded ICFI

There are a lot of small businesses that self-identify as consultants. Like quality and beauty, the definition of what a consultant is depends entirely on the perspective of the observer. Most so-called consultants are actually just independent contractors or subcontractors providing outsourced labor. In my opinion, a true consultant is one who improves their client’s […]

Imagine Architecture: Artistic Visions of the Urban Realm by Lukas Feiress (Great Gift Idea)

One of my criticisms of the architecture programs at many of the few accredited schools across the country, is a lack of emphasis on constructability — “the ease and efficiency with which structures can be built” [Wikipedia]. That doesn’t mean that there is no value in exploring the purely fanciful and unrealistic, as they are […]

7 Ways a Chief Innovation Officer can improve your company’s opportunities for growth

The Chief Innovation Officer (CIO, though not to be confused with “Chief Information Officer”) is a relatively new position in the marketplace created with the express goal of fostering innovation within a company. Innovation, though, rarely happens through shear force of will and poor management is often the greatest obstacle to institutionalizing the kind of […]

London: Failed, fallen structural components at the Cheesegrater building prompt investigation

The Leadenhall Building at 122 Leadenhall Street in London, also known affectionately as the Cheesegrater due to its unique shape, is 47-stories tall and is the UK’s 4th largest building. Featuring a cutting edge high-performance building envelope incorporating passive heating and cooling elements, 85% of its construction took place off-site, making it one of the […]