From 41 Shades of Blue to Material Design: The Evolution of Google’s Design Sensibilities

Way back in 2009, the exit of Google’s then design chief, Douglas Bowman, resulted in an unexpectedly entertaining look at the inner workings of one of the fastest growing companies the world has ever seen. In his eloquently worded goodbye letter to Google, Bowman described his frustrations. As Google was a company of engineers, founded […]

Lessons Learned: Bill Gates’ 20-year old memo on the future opportunities of the internet

Back in 1995, Microsoft dominated the computer world. While hard to imagine for most younger folks, back then the Internet was a new and strange thing—even more mysterious than “the cloud” that we’ve been hearing about for years. The new opportunities and threats posed by the technology behind the “World Wide Web” led to an […]

“Existential” Risk Management for Artificial Intelligence (or just a little too much navel gazing?)

One of the great themes in science fiction is the fear that the machines we humans have created will someday lead to our own enslavement or even extinction. As research into artificial intelligence (AI) exploded following Turing’s breakthroughs, the concept of self-awareness in non-organic manmade objects elicited a sort of existential dread. Update: See below […]

The future of commercial real estate development will be Agile

Back in 2001, several thought-leaders in the software development world got together and tried to reinvent the business processes behind turning code into something useful and marketable. The result is known as the Agile Manifesto and has spurred on a revolution in how software is made, with a pragmatic, market-driven and user-centric approach. When AirBnB […]

Manufactured Magic: The story behind the story of Disney World’s $1-billion re-imagineering

Last week, my colleagues and I joined about 1,400 of our closest friends in the construction defect litigation industry at the Disneyland Hotel for a conference. It was my first time staying at the actual Disneyland Hotel. Nice hotel, but really unacceptably poor wifi, and the grounds demonstrate a myopic and blatant disregard for the […]

Could self-healing bio-concrete reduce future construction defect claims?

As nerdy as it probably sounds, I can’t even begin to put into words how excited I am for products like this. Back in January of 2014, I wrote about the winners of the 2013 Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Challenge, including the inventors of self-healing bio-concrete. Cracked concrete is a frequent allegation in construction […]

How much of an impact is craft beer to the San Diego region? 6,200 jobs and $600-million per year

San Diego has been at the epicenter of the microbrewery and craft beer scene since the beginning. The neighborhood my wife and I lived in when we were first married went from being an affordable place to rent an apartment, to becoming the scene for artisanal brews. The hookers have been mostly displaced by hipsters. […]