Update: Mergers and Acquisitions in the world of awesome specialty coffee

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Blue Bottle Coffee’s venture capital funding and plans for growth. As I mentioned, it will certainly be interesting to see how such a niche brick-and-mortar business leverages venture funding to achieve solid growth without compromising either the quality of the product or the service. Looks like we get […]

The Scientific Method explained in one minute by noted bongo-aficionado Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman is someone that I only became aware of in the last decade or so. Since that discovery, I have become rather fascinated with the man. His insight into the Challenger space shuttle disaster featured prominently in a talk I gave on Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control. By trade, Richard Feynman was a theoretical […]

How Google is hacking work-life balance for its employees and for the rest of humanity

Writing at Harvard Business Review, Google’s SVP of People Operations discusses how Google is hacking the serious issue of work-life balance. Google has always been known to rely heavily on analysis for making decisions (sometimes to a fault). The reason that Google offers the amazing perks to employees—from amazing free food to free onsite physicians, […]

Coffee is the next big thing for Venture Capital? Count me in!

That’s the kind of Return On Investment I’m talking about! Slate’s Will Oremus: The question investors are asking now is: Can coffee’s “third wave” produce a Starbucks of its own? A group of big-name Bay Area techies—including Kevin Systrom of Instagram, Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake, and venture capital firms like Google […]

Is increased productivity from multiple monitors a myth?

Earlier today, I posted about the ergonomic upgrades I made recently to my workspace at home. One of the interesting side-effects of switching from using a 24-inch HD monitor combined with my MacBook Air’s built-in screen (using something called extended desktop mode) to using a single 30-inch monitor, is the surprising increase in focus I […]