Did Virgin Galactic’s business model (or lack thereof) contribute to failed test flight?

A horrible, yet somewhat unsurprising tragedy occurred last week when Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo crashed during a test flight, killing one of two pilots. Coincidentally, another commercial space mission ended in a fireball when an unmanned Orbital Sciences rocket experienced problems during launch just days before. Clearly, the commercial space industry is going to be spending […]

In the pursuit of effective real-time business communication, context is everything

Maintaining work-life balance is a frequent theme in the modern world that is a direct result of incredible advances in personal technology and mass adoption of those tools. High availability to corporate networks break down the formal walls that once separated work from home. However, as Paul Pluschkell writes at Wired, employees are spending plenty […]

From 2005: Mark Zuckerberg answers the question, “What is The Facebook?”

Great artefact from the history of the Internet. A barefoot Zuckerberg tries to explain the value of social networking within the context of a product that describes as little more than simply a “directory of college students.” Cade Metz writes: Yes, he’s barefoot. And, yes, if you keep watching, you can see company co-founder Dustin […]

Respect the Culture: How to eat sushi and sashimi without embarrassing yourself

I’m spoiled. About a mile from my house is a wonderful Japaneses restaurant called Tokyo Sushi Loha. We call it “Rock and Roll Sushi” because of the loud music pumped in to entertain hordes of college students living in the immediate vicinity. You’d think catering to that clientele it might be a little lower down […]

What the “Rebirth of the CMO” means for businesses and marketing professionals

The Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO, is a relatively new role at many companies, one that didn’t really take off until the rise of the internet. While not entirely different in function from the VP of Marketing role, the rise of the CMO coincides with the rise of the customer in shaping marketing goals and […]